A Quiet Place: Day One Trailer Delivers a Terrifying Prelude, Release Date and More

The first trailer for A Quiet Place: Day One offers a spine-chilling glimpse into the origins of the silent world depicted in the franchise.

A Quiet Place: Terrifying Teaser

Viewers are treated to an intense preview that showcases the explosive action and eerie silence that define the film. The trailer takes audiences back to the beginning, revealing the initial moments of the apocalyptic alien invasion in New York City.

This prequel spin-off introduces a fresh set of characters portrayed by Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, and Denis O’Hare, alongside Djimon Hounsou repeat his role from A Quiet Place Part II.

The debut poster features Nyong’o’s character, Sam, who finds herself unexpectedly thrust into a survival situation with Eric, played by Joseph Quinn. Their evolving relationship amidst the chaos forms a central focus of the film.

Exploration of Survival

Nyong’o discusses the film’s exploration of how disparate individuals come together to negotiate survival in a world overrun by monsters, promising intriguing character dynamics.

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Release Information

A Quiet Place: Day One is slated for release on June 28, marking the third installment in the franchise. Notably, it precedes A Quiet Place Part III, which has experienced a development delay.

Production Credits

Directed by Michael Sarnoski and written in collaboration with John Krasinski, the film boasts an impressive production team including executive producers Allyson Seeger and Vicki Dee Rock, as well as producers Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, and Krasinski himself.

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