“Elevating Osun: Governor Adeleke’s 5 New Vision for an Entertainment Industry-Driven Cultural and Economic Renaissance”

Governor Ademola Adeleke highlights the entertainment industry’s ability to significantly improve the economy of Osun, Nigeria, a strong endorsement of its economic prowess. As he welcomed prominent Nollywood actors to Ede, the governor reaffirmed his dedication to strategically partnering with different stakeholders to establish Osun as a top travel destination worldwide.

Exciting Goals for the Creative Sector


Following Osun’s triumphant hosting of the 2023 BON awards, Governor Adeleke made her remarks, demonstrating the state’s increasing stature in the entertainment industry. In addition to hosting international events, the governor’s administration plans to build entertainment villages in each of the three senatorial districts, upgrade tourist attractions, support Osun’s use as a film location logistically, and develop a cluster industry for the craft sub-sector.


Using Global Appeal

One of its most noteworthy features is the governor’s plan to host international concerts by leveraging the success of Osun’s music stars, such as Davido and B-Red. In addition, he hopes to launch an international Yoruba Heritage Week that will welcome thousands of tourists every year from South America, Europe, and North America. This well-thought-out move highlights the rich cultural legacy of the state and positions Osun as a major center for entertainment and culture.

Growth of the Hospitality Industry

Governor Adeleke is aware that in order to handle the anticipated increase in visitors from around the globe, the hospitality sector will need to expand simultaneously. To ensure first-rate service for both domestic and foreign visitors, the hotel sector needs to be standardized and made easier.

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 Structure as a lightning rod  

Governor Adeleke reiterated the administration’s commitment to promoting Osun to a premier status and stressed the  part of  structure in  soliciting investors and promoting the growth of the creative assiduity. The focus on  fluently available water,  functional health  installations, happy  workers, safe  academy  structure, walkable roads and strong security is  reflective of a well- allowed – out strategy to  produce a conducive  terrain for  residers and implicit investors.

Positioning Osun as a Creative hub

Governor Adeleke’s commitment to the” high- earning” entertainment sector is in line with global success stories from rich countries. The governor has established Osun as a  mecca of the creative assiduity, feting  the state as the cradle of the Yoruba people and Nollywood as a  ménage name in Africa. Osun, custodian of important Yoruba artistic  parcels, is set to come a  mecca of artistic creative assiduity under his direction.


A Vow of Assistance and Cooperation


The governor’s pledge to uphold the creative sector as an essential economic engine serves to further emphasize the mutually beneficial relationship between economic growth and governance. The governor’s proactive approach to collaboration is further evidenced by the announcement of an upcoming partnership meeting, which paves the way for productive engagement between the government and important stakeholders.



Governor Adeleke’s vision for Osun as a hub of culture and the economy demonstrates a forward-thinking leadership that understands the entertainment sector’s capacity to transform society. The governor’s dedication to cooperation and infrastructure development sets Osun up for success as the state gets ready to take on its place in the world.



Lissa is a News Writer at USA Viewport . She has 2 year professional writing experience.