Breaking Down the 2023 Emmys: Moments That Stole Hearts!


The 2023 Emmys , delayed to 2024 due to Hollywood strikes, unfolded with expected victories for shows like “Succession” and “The Bear.” However, the night had its share of unexpected twists and notable omissions.


2023 Emmys: A Delayed Celebration

  1. Late Night at the Peacock Theater: The belated ceremony, hosted by Anthony Anderson, finally took place at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, competing with the Iowa caucuses and an N.F.L. playoff game.
  2. Golden Globes Afterglow: Occurring a week after the Golden Globes, the Emmys offered a familiar celebration of acclaimed shows but with its unique surprises.
The 2023 Emmys , delayed to 2024 due to Hollywood strikes

2023 Emmys: Dominance of Favored Shows

  1. “Succession” Triumph: The night saw “Succession” dominating the drama category with six Emmys, including recognition for the powerful episode “Connor’s Wedding.”
  2. Comedic Excellence: “The Bear,” “Beef,” and “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” claimed victories in their respective categories, leaving little room for surprises.

2023 Emmys: Unveiling the Unexpected

  1. Niecy Nash-Betts’s Empowering Speech: The evening took an unexpected turn with Niecy Nash-Betts’s impassioned speech, dedicating her victory to marginalized Black and brown women.
  2. Elton John’s EGOT Milestone: A significant moment unfolded as Elton John achieved EGOT status, winning an Emmy for his televised farewell concert at Dodger Stadium.
  3. Joan Collins’s Timeless Presence: Presenter Joan Collins added a touch of glamour with her timeless smolder, enhancing the star-studded atmosphere.


2023 Emmys: Noteworthy Moments and Speeches

  1. Kieran Culkin’s Petition: Kieran Culkin, a “Succession” winner, used his speech humorously, petitioning his wife for another child.
  2. Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s Celebratory Kiss: Ebon Moss-Bachrach celebrated “The Bear’s” best comedy win with a memorable kiss on co-star Matty Matheson.
  3. Christina Applegate’s Emotional Return: Christina Applegate’s poignant return to the stage, presenting an award despite battling multiple sclerosis, left a lasting impression.

2023 Emmys: Wins and Lack of Suspense

  1. Dominance of Three Shows: “Succession,” “The Bear,” and “Beef” collectively dominated, leaving little room for suspense.
  2. Daily Show’s Twist: “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” surprised by winning the best talk series category, defying expectations.
  3. Anthony Anderson’s Nostalgic Host: Anthony Anderson’s hosting, filled with nostalgia and musical performances, set a celebratory tone for the 75th-anniversary ceremony.


2023 Emmys: Best and Worst Features of the Ceremony

  1. Playoff Mama’s Brilliance: Anthony Anderson’s mother, Doris Bowman, stole the show as a “playoff mama,” skillfully managing long speeches and adding humor.
  2. Reunions Done Right: Unlike typical tedious reunions, the cast reunion segments were brief, integrated into the proceedings, and evoked fond memories.


In a night of anticipated victories and unexpected moments, the 2023 Emmys offered a mix of celebration and surprise. While some wins were predictable, others added a touch of unpredictability, making it a memorable evening for the television industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why was the 2023 Emmys delayed to 2024?

The delay was due to strikes involving Hollywood actors and writers.

2. Which shows dominated the awards?

“Succession,” “The Bear,” “Beef,” and “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” were the major winners.

3. What made Elton John’s win significant?

Elton John achieved EGOT status by winning an Emmy for his farewell concert, joining an elite group of artists.

4. Why was Anthony Anderson’s mother, Doris Bowman, a highlight of the ceremony?

Doris Bowman, acting as a “playoff mama,” added humor by managing long speeches and injecting spontaneity into the event.

5. Did “Better Call Saul” receive any Emmy wins?

Despite numerous nominations, “Better Call Saul” faced an unprecedented snub, winning zero Emmys.


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