Drake Criticizes Grammy Awards, Asserts Independence from Industry Validation

made captions formerly again at the Grammy Awards, reigniting his ongoing feud with The Recording Academy. During Sunday night’s event, the rapper took to social media to state his disgruntlement, emphasizing that the awards” don’t mandate shit in our world.”

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In a cutting notice posted on his Instagram Stories before the telecast, Drake reminded fellow artists that the Grammy Awards are simply the opinions of a group of people whose individualities remain undisclosed. He complimented winners but underlined that the show’s opinions hold little sway in the broader music geography.

pressing the dissociate between artists and the awarding body, Drake stressed that success in the music assiduity transcends accolades.” You’ve formerly won if you have people singing your songs word for word,” he remarked, emphasizing the value of connection with suckers over assiduity recognition.

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Drake’s commentary echo sentiments expressed during his 2019 Grammy acceptance speech, where he played down the significance of the award. Despite winning Stylish Rap Song for” God’s Plan,” he emphasized the private nature of the assiduity’s judgments.

specially, Drake’s speech at this time’s Grammys was controversially intruded by a marketable break,  further fueling enterprise about pressures between the artist and the award show.

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While Drake entered four Grammy nominations this time for his collaboration with 21 Savage, he specially abstain from submitting his solo reader” For All the Dogs” for consideration. This decision aligns with his once examens of the Grammy Awards and their perceived lack of applicability to artists from different backgrounds.

With compendiums like”Certified Lover Boy” and” Honestly, Nevermind” also absent from Grammy contention in recent times, Drake’s station underscores his commitment to cultural integrity over assiduity confirmation.

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