Elle King’s Wild Night: A Controversial Dolly Parton Tribute Unveiled


Elle King’s Wild Night: The Grand Ole Opry, a revered institution in the country music scene, witnessed a night that was meant to celebrate Dolly Parton’s legacy but ended up stirring controversy. Elle King, known for her edgy persona, took the stage for a Dolly Parton tribute that turned heads for all the wrong reasons.

The Incident Unfolds

Dolly Parton Tribute Gone Awry

Elle King, in a surprising turn of events, admitted to the Grand Ole Opry audience that she was “hammered” before delivering a Dolly Parton tribute. The expletive-laden performance on Parton’s birthday left audience members in shock and prompted an official apology from the venue.

Twitter Apology

The aftermath unfolded on social media, specifically on X (formerly known as Twitter), where the Grand Ole Opry issued a public apology in response to an audience member’s complaint. The tweet acknowledged the regret over the language used during King’s performance, emphasizing the venue’s commitment to maintaining a respectful environment.

Audience Backlash and Apology Reactions

Disappointment in the Crowd

Audience members expressed their disappointment, with one attendee expressing regret over spending $300 on tickets for a show where one of the artists seemingly “ruined an entire night.” The disgruntled attendee likened King’s performance to “lackluster karaoke” and criticized the overall quality of the show.

Videos Surface on Social Media

Social media amplified the controversy as videos surfaced showing Elle King, whose real name is Tanner Elle Schneider, stumbling through the lyrics of Dolly Parton’s song “Marry Me.” Her candid admission mid-song and subsequent explicit remarks added fuel to the fire, leading to widespread criticism.

Mixed Reactions to the Apology

The apology tweet from the Grand Ole Opry received mixed reactions. While some attendees expressed understanding, others vehemently rejected the apology, labeling the performance as disrespectful and calling for consequences.

Elle King’s Perspective

A History of Edgy Performances

In a 2022 interview, Elle King discussed her approach to performing both drunk and sober. Known for her edgier persona, she acknowledged the differences between the two states and the influence of “liquid courage” on her performances.

Balancing Motherhood and Entertainment

Despite her inclination towards enjoying a drink while performing, Elle King, who became a mother in 2021, emphasized the priority she places on motherhood over having a good time. The interview exfoliate light on her evolving approach to balancing her particular life with her career.

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Elle King’s controversial performance at the Grand Ole Opry’s Dolly Parton homage has sparked exchanges about the boundaries of cultural expression and responsibility. As the dust settles, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact unborn performances and the perception of artists who toe the line between edgy and obnoxious.


What led to the controversy at the Grand Ole Opry’s Dolly Parton tribute?

Singer Elle King took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry for a Dolly Parton homage on Friday, admitting to the crowd she was pounded before botching the words to a Parton song.

How did the Grand Ole Opry respond to the incident?

The Grand Ole Opry issued a public apology on social media, acknowledging the regret over the language used during Elle King’s performance.

How did the audience react to the apology?

Audience reactions to the apology were mixed, with some expressing understanding while others vehemently rejected it, citing disrespect and disappointment.

What did Elle King say about her performances in a 2022 interview?

Elle King discussed performing drunk versus sober, acknowledging the differences and the influence of “liquid courage” on her stage presence.

How does Elle King balance motherhood with her career?

Despite her inclination to enjoy a drink while performing, Elle King emphasized prioritizing being a mother over having a good time in her personal and professional life.

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