Hunter Biden has labeled Elon Musk as the “world’s dumbest smart person”


Elon Musk, according to Hunter Biden, is the “world’s dumbest smart person.” With a biting jab, he labeled Tesla’s CEO the “most foolish smart individual globally,” alleging that he has no regard for democracy. President Joe Biden’s son called Musk a “very damaged person” and accused him of spreading false information in an interview for the Moby podcast.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Musk asked, “What ‘false information’ is he talking about?”


In response to a 2019 post made by Musk making fun of Hunter Biden while using a laptop that had been taken from a renowned Delaware repair shop, Musk asked, “What ‘false information’ is he talking about?” He continued, “That man has made so many videos committing crimes that he should get an award for cinematography!” It’s unclear when the 80-minute podcast interview with musician-turned-podcaster Moby was recorded, but it aired on Friday from Hunter Biden’s art studio.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden angrily declared that the CEO of SpaceX was a hypocrite who had no understanding of American politics at all.


Late on Thursday, Hunter Biden was hit with additional federal charges pertaining to his business activities. During the interview, Biden angrily declared that the CEO of SpaceX was a hypocrite who had no understanding of American politics at all. “Amendments are unimportant to Elon Musk. Biden stated, “He doesn’t give a damn about our right to vote. “Have you ever seen him defend democracy, about what we’ve built here as Americans, through this incredible experiment that we’ve done here?” A special counsel named David Weiss was assigned to look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in August while he was being investigated for separate crimes.


He asked not to be prosecuted in September over federal gun-related charges that included buying and carrying a handgun while under the influence of drugs. During a theatrical event on Thursday, he was charged with evading federal taxes by at least $1.4 million between 2016 and 2019 by taking part in a four-year plan to avoid payment through federal tax credits, all the while spending millions on an opulent lifestyle. Abbe Lowell, his attorney, charged that the prosecutor—an investigator appointed by Trump—had engaged in political misconduct.

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According to a Vanity Fair article, Moby met Hunter Biden when the two were in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, and the musician took part in Biden’s self-organized art show in 2021. He accused Republicans in the podcast interview of attempting to sabotage his father’s presidency by looking into his business affairs. “It’s not about me, and in the worst way possible, what they’re trying to do is that they’re trying to kill me, knowing that it will be a bigger pain than what my father endured,” he stated.

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