Messi’s Magic Unleashed: Inter Miami’s Unforgettable Preseason Kickoff”


The buzz surrounding ‘s preseason was palpable, especially with the inclusion of Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba – all former Barcelona stars – forming the formidable “Big Four.”

Inter Miami’s Big Four: A Reunion

The first half witnessed a reunion of the Big Four on the pitch, evoking nostalgia among fans. However, their time together was limited, as they played only the initial half of the game, leaving the audience yearning for more.

 Preseason World Tour Kickoff

Inter Miami embarked on a grueling preseason world tour, covering over 25,000 miles before the official start of the 2024 MLS season. This game against El Salvador marked just the beginning of their extensive journey.


 Messi’s Performance in the First Half

Messi, the linchpin of Inter Miami’s attack, had two opportunities to thrill the fans with a goal but fell short on both occasions. The match ended in a scoreless draw, with Messi leaving the field in the 87th minute amidst cheers from the El Salvador crowd.

 Alarming Moments: Farias’ Injury

A moment of concern arose when promising player Facundo Farias, a substitute for Messi in the second half, left the pitch with an apparent knee injury. The severity of the injury raises doubts about his availability for the rest of the preseason and potentially the entire season.

Second Half Substitutions

Inter Miami coach Tata Martino exhibited diligence in managing the lineup, making crucial substitutions in the 63rd minute. The Big Four was replaced, and the team finished the match with 10 players due to Farias’ injury.

Messi’s Impact Beyond Goals

While Messi did not find the net, his presence echoed throughout the match. Every touch of the ball by Messi triggered loud cheers from the El Salvador fans, underlining his status as a global soccer sensation.

Free Kick Drama: Messi’s Attempt

A dramatic moment unfolded as Messi attempted a free kick just before halftime. However, El Salvador’s defensive lineup posed a challenge, resulting in a missed opportunity for Messi.

 Shaky Defense: El Salvador’s Opportunities

Inter Miami’s defense faced some shaky moments, with El Salvador taking two shots on goal in the first half. The team, despite the offseason rust, managed to keep a clean sheet.

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Early Excitement: Fans’ Roar

The opening minutes saw Messi making an impact with two touches, igniting excitement among the crowd. The surreal sight of Messi, Suarez, Busquets, and Alba playing together in 2024 added an extra layer of anticipation.

The Unpredictability of Preseason

As Inter Miami heads into an violent preseason schedule, questions arise about the playing time of crucial players. Coach Martino’s strategic opinions will play a pivotal part in balancing the platoon’s performance.

Match Details and Streaming

For those eager to catch the action, the Inter Miami vs. El Salvador match can be streamed in English in Spanish.

 The Stylish Black Jerseys

Inter Miami made a fashion statement, concluding for black jerseys in the game. specially, the front of the jersey tackle featured the totem of the club’s foundation, adding a meaningful touch to their vesture.

 Messi’s Playing Time Dilemma

With a rigorous preseason schedule ahead, including passages to Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, the playing time of crucial players, including Messi, becomes a subject of enterprise.

Coach Martino’s Balancing Act

Coach Tata Martino’s recent commentary about managing players’ twinkles in the early preseason games raise questions about how Inter Miami plans to navigate the grueling schedule.


In conclusion, Inter Miami’s preseason debut showcased moments of excitement, drama, and concern. The trip ahead promises a mix of nostalgia and expectation for suckers worldwide. As the platoon prepares for the forthcoming challenges, the unpredictability of preseason adds an interesting subcaste to their story.

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