Usher joined by Alicia Keys and at Super Bowl half-time appear

R&B star Usher conveyed a hit-heavy half-time appear at Sunday’s Super Bowl – with offer assistance from, Alicia Keys, Ludacris… and a match of roller skates.
A disclaimer appeared some time recently the execution tongue in cheek cautioned watchers it may cause “singing, moving, sweating, rotating, and conceivable relationship issues“. It would go on to provide on all fronts.

H.E.R. and Usher performing during the Super Bowl Halftime ETHAN MILLER/GETTY


Dressed in all-white and encompassed by a swarm of lively artists, Usher developed on the arrange at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and propelled straight into one of his best-known melodies, Caught Up.
It kicked off a energetic execution which took advantage of the 45-year-old’s moving abilities and sizeable back catalogue.

Some time recently his half-time appear, Usher conceded it had been “a challenge to squeeze 30 years in to 13 minutes” . But the artist did an honorable work of packing in as numerous of his most unmistakable melodies as conceivable.

udacris, Usher, Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri during the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY

The set highlights trapeze artists and a brass band so huge there were sufficient individuals to spell out “USHER” on the grounds of the stadium as he was performing.
The artist exchanged easily between the two apexes of his music:
club songs of devotion and sex jams.

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A few melodies ran for a full verse and a refrain, others for fair some seconds. A minor piece of Genius suitably saw him sing as it were the verses:
Highlight / enormous arrange / 50,000 fans shouting in a seethe” – as in the event that to pound domestic the greatness of his Super Bowl appear.
The artists who encompassed him – numerous of whom had as it were voyage a brief separate from his Vegas residency – wore colourful, indeed shocking outfits, superbly complementing his central execution and including to the sense of spectacle.
Once Usher was a couple of melodies profound and well into his groove, he took a back situate as his to begin with visitor, Alicia Keys, showed up behind a shinning ruddy piano wearing a coordinating sparkly ruddy furnish, propelling into one of her claim greatest hits In the event that I Ain’t Got You.

Usher performs at the 2024 Super Bowl. PHOTO: JAMIE SQUIRE/GETTY

The two then came together to perform their duet My Boo, which produced one of the most endearing moments in a show full of reunions as they joyfully reenacted their 2004 hit.

After the melody had drawn to a near and Keys was whisked absent, the other visitor stars begun coming thick and quick.
Producer-rapper Jermaine Dupri joined Usher for a speedy impact of Confessions Part II – and provoked one of the night’s viral patterns as a few watchers made light of the way his suit uncovered his uncovered legs.
The reality that anthems were mixed so consistently with club songs of devotion gave Usher minutes to capture his breath, as well as appear off his vocal ability and, vitally, take his shirt off.
But indeed when performing two of his most celebrated moderate jams, Burn and U Got It Awful, Usher couldn’t stand still – twitching his body to the beat and commanding the consideration of a complete stadium.

Amid Burn, blazes were anticipated onto the tremendous circular stage he was performing on – one of the foremost outwardly striking minutes of the night.
Usher’s other visitors included H.E.R. – who played a energizing guitar solo amid U Got It Awful some time recently propelling into the unmistakable riff of Terrible Young lady as Usher vanished for a ensemble alter.

The vocalist re-emerged wearing a glittery black-and-blue equip total with roller skates as he presented for their collaboration OMG – a melody title which reflected the crowd’s response.
Usher reproduced the skating grouping which had gotten to be a viral highlight of his later Vegas residency – and amazingly overseen not to drop over.
The as it were disadvantage in an something else immaculate half-time appear was that the number of cameo appearances within the moment half nearly started to work against the artist.
Whereas a reputed collaboration with Justin Bieber fizzled to appear, Usher was about swarmed out as artists and star visitors pressed the arrange.
Lil Jon showed up for a somewhat arbitrary but completely welcome reroute into his own anthemic hit Turn Down For What. But his arrival on organize made self-evident to fans what was coming another.
By the time a charismatic Ludacris showed up, expectation was at fever pitch. The trio propelled into a beating version of Usher’s career-defining hit Definitely!

Usher and Alicia performing during the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. photo:PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP VIA GETTY

A number one around the world within the mid-noughties and an irrefutable banger, the tune given the idealize climax in a half-time appear full of highlights.
Observing Usher’s set was US megastar Taylor Quick, rapper Jay-Z, Hollywood performing artist Paul Rudd and previous ball players LeBron and James Shaquille O’Neal.

1. Caught Up
2. U Do not Ought To Call
3. Genius
4. Adore in this Club
5. In the event that I Ain’t Got You – two part harmony with Alicia Keys
6. My Boo – two part h 
7. Confessions Part II – feat. Jermaine Dupri
8. Burn
9. U Got It Bad – feat. H.E.R.
10. Bad Girl (interlude) – performed by H.E.R.
11. OMG – duet with will.iam
12. Turn Down For What – performed by Lil Jon
13. Yeah! – feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris

Usher has performed at the Super Bowl before; in 2011, the singer joined the Black Eyed Peas as a special guest. This was not her first time attending the game.
Thankfully, he returned to the NFL and his most recent album, Coming Home, was released over the weekend.

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