10 Arguments in Favor of Eating Breakfast Every Day

    1.Eating breakfast   improves  focus and   concentration

can increase brain activity and aid in the regulation of emotions

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3. Controls Your Hunger makes you feel fuller after eating smaller portions

4. Promotes Heart Health reduces the risk of unhealthy snacking and heart disease.

5. Improves Academic    Outcomes, enhances focus, alertness, understanding, memory, and learning—all of which are critical for academic success.

6. Promotes Healthy Weight Management nutritious breakfast are more prone to choose unhealthy snacks 

7. Boosts Consumption of Nutrients Eating nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis promotes general health and wellbeing 

8. Assists with the Nutritional Needs of Expectant Mothers

9. Strengthens Your Defenses increase the amount of dairy in your diet by making delicious breakfast options.

10.support strong bones and teeth, healthy muscles, and a strong immune system.