Leaving Hollywood :

Angelina Jolie's Candid Reflections

She said she wouldn't choose to be an actress if she could start her career over today

Hollywood Expectations :

The actress observes that sharing intimate details of one's life is increasingly important.

Jolie shares that growing up around Hollywood, she was never affected by its glamour.

She intended to relocate from Los Angeles to Cambodia after the divorce in order to reclaim her privacy.

Post-divorce, Jolie emphasizes the importance of authenticity in a world where Hollywood demands constant public presence

Jolie's distinctive social circle is highlighted by the fact that she views her "closest friends" as refugees.

Jolie says that her kids are her best friends and highlights how close they are to her.

Jolie discusses her role in the Maria Callas biopic's filming.

Jolie declares her intention to open an Atelier Jolie fashion store in New York City.