Explore the rich history and cultural significance of Fat Thursday, observed in Poland on February 8th.

Since the 16th century, Poland has celebrated Fat Thursday with the sharing of "paczki," or doughnuts. 

Polish donuts known as "pączki" - filled with delightful flavors like rosehip jam.

The Polish term for Fat Thursday, marking the last festivity before the solemn period of Lent.

 It's believed that not indulging in at least one donut could bring misfortune for the year.

Traditional treat of Fat Thursday - 'faworki,' thin fried pastry ribbons dusted with powdered sugar.

While Poland observes Fat Thursday, various nations around the world, have their own unique ways of celebrating.

Activities in Poland:

Visiting Polish patisseries, Attempting to make pączki at home, and enjoying a family feast with Polish cuisine.

Join in the celebration and embrace the tradition of Fat Thursday by indulging in delicious Polish treats and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture.

Fat Thursday is not just a day for indulgence but also a time to appreciate cultural heritage and create cherished memories with loved ones.