Mary Kay Letourneau now here’s where they are now, because Vili Faulaau’s parents cannot hate him

Vili Fualaau’s and Mary Kay Letourneau 

Vili Fualaau’s parents testified that Mary Kay Letourneau ruined their son’s life, his mother Soona Vili had complex thoughts about the woman who gave birth to two of her grandchildren.

Mary Katherine Schmitz was born on January 30, 1962 in Tustin, California, USA. She belongs to a middle-class family. She attended Arizona State University and later in 1984, she became an elementary school teacher.
Mary Catherine Schmitz married Steve Letourneau, with whom she had four children, their relationship had some difficulties and they eventually divorced in 1999.

When Mary Katherine Schmitz taught elementary school in Burien, she developed a relationship with her 12-year-old student, Vili Fualaau, and the relationship became sexual when Vili Fualaau was 13 years old.
Letourneau was arrested in 1997 after the illicit relationship was discovered.

According to police reports, when Mary Kay realized officers were approaching the car she jumped forward from the back seat, while Willie pretended to sleep in the back. Both of them provided false identification, including Willie’s claim that he was 18 years old.


she was sentenced to six months in to two counts of second-degree child rape, in November 1997. She agreed to undergo sex offender treatment and have no contact with Willie Fualaau. She did not comply with this court order and continued to have relations with Fualaau and Mary Katherine Schmitz was arrested again in 1998. This time she was sentenced to 7 years in prison. During their testimony, Vili Fualaau’s parents spoke of how they had no idea about their son’s relationship with his teacher.

While Letourneau was in prison she gave birth to two daughters fathered by Fualaau. Audrey  was born in 1997 and

was born in 1998. Soona told the court Letourneau ruined her son’s life, she harbored complicated thoughts toward the woman who bore her two grandchildren.


Audrey and Georgia told Australia’s Sunday Night Talk in an interview that show and reflected on their parent’s relationship. “I think I understand about it, just like how it was surprising to people,” Audrey said. “It’s been feeling different because it’s not really been brought to our attention, just because we grew up with it, so we’ve adapted to it.”

Letourneau is released from jail. Letourneau and Fualaau both got married in 2005. Due to their relationship being very controversial, they were given a lot of coverage in the media. After 14 years, both Letourneau and Fualaau eventually divorced in 2017. Fualaau filed for legal separation in 2019. Letourneau died on July 6, 2020, due to complications from cancer at the age of 58.

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