ARKLATEX food festival:


Food lovers, get ready for Ceci’s Chicken N Waffles on Wheel on December 2. This will be a spectacular line-up of vendors from four states bringing a finger licking experience.The Arklatex Food Festival will not only enthrall the taste buds but also give back to the community. This year the festival will take place on December 2nd from 11am to 8pm at Bobby Ferguson Park and is also the grand finale of 2023


 ARKLATEX food festival held at Boby Ferguson Park :

Ark latex food festival is known for its diverse culinary offerings. Whatever you want to eat, salty, sweet or spicy, it’s all ready to be served.The festival will be held at Bobby Ferguson Park where you can get free admission and participate in the festival

Bring all your friends, colleagues, your family with you and have fun. This year this festival is something special because this year not only delicious food but also encouragement will be given to donate coats to those in need during the cold season.


In this festival, one has to not only make the heart happy by eating food but also warm the body and gets a chance to live comfortably in cold weather Join the culinary celebration, make a difference, and savor the last bites of 2023’s grand finale, looking forward to an even more heartwarming and delectable experience in 2024.Just as the aroma of delicious food spreads in the air, similarly we have to make people’s hearts happy.


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